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Here’s How I Can Help You…

  • Product Review

    Product Review

    Consider these details...

    ★ Is your product as described?

    ★ How does your product ship?

    ★ Is the ordering process simple?

    ★ Are website, social & marketing working?

    ★ Does product packaging create a brand?

    NO more sleepless nights worrying about the details. I’ve got you covered.

  • Virtual Partner

    Virtual Partner

    I can help you with...

    ★ Brainstorming a new project

    ★ Evaluating & testing your webinars

    ★ Reviewing your e-book

    ★ Accountability partner

    ★ Goal setting and follow through

    It’s lonely being an entrepreneur. I’m here to cover your back.

  • Website & Social Review

    Website & Social Review

    Here are some items I look at...

    ★ Are you connecting with customers?

    ★ Is your site easy to navigate?

    ★ Do visitors know what you do?

    ★ Do all links function?

    ★ Are you telling the right story?

    Let me check on the details so you can focus on the big picture.

Stress Less About the Details!

Are you tired of having nobody to talk to about your projects or products unless you spend thousands on annual coaching? No need for longterm contracts, let’s just focus on what you need and how I can help. Whether it’s a review of your website, testing of a new product, critique of packaging and shipping, undercover customer visits or anything in between – let me know. It’s time that you have someone to collaborate with. It’s lonely being an entrepreneur. I’m here to be your team. Let’s get started!

Everyone Needs a Team

Thoughts & Tutorials

My Amazing Clients Say

  • Sonja is a master at what she does. The feedback that she provided was practical, straight-forward, and showed her expertise in website design. Sonja's review was invaluable because she provided me with a bird's eye view of my site infused with a fresh perspective on the design and feel for the site that was sorely needed. I highly recommend Sonja if you're looking to get a fresh, honest, and helpful review of your website.

    Mercedes Samudio, Licensed Clinical Social Worker
  • Great feedback, Sonja. Appreciate your time and insightful thoughts on the project. Already fixed a couple of things like disabling the pop-up (I agree, too much commitment before user experiencing the content is not good) and a typo. Will continue to improve it and would send you a follow up note when I have made significant changes.

    Devesh Dwivedi, MBA
  • Sonja has been managing all of my marketing for Pound Consulting since 2004. She worked with her team to design my website and most recently, added a monthly newsletter to my marketing efforts. I have seen a measurable upswing in my business as a direct result of my company newsletter. If your business needs current branding or a presence in a digital world, I highly recommend Sonja and her team. She has made a valuable impact on my business.

    Leo Pound, Executive Coach & Mentor