Why Work With Me?

Simple. Nothing makes me happier than seeing you succeed! I have an extensive design background from fine arts to fashion design. I have worked in varied industries from picture frame manufacturers to a food co-packing company. I have been fortunate to travel the world. To me, traveling and experiencing other cultures is a great way grow and learn. I take all of my experience, personal and professional, to give you another perspective on projects.


    Facebook Management

    ★ Are you posting daily?

    ★ Do you know what content to share?

    ★ Targeting your ideal client?

    ★ Do you need branded images?

    ★ No time for social media?

    ★ Is social media consistent?

    ★ Are you sharing valuable content?

    Let me manage your social & reach your ideal clients.

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    I'll Help You With...

    ★ Brainstorming a new project

    ★ Evaluating & testing your webinars

    ★ Reviewing your e-book

    ★ Creating the right team

    ★ Testing flow of opt-ins

    ★ Project accountability

    ★ Goal setting and follow-through

    It’s tough being an entrepreneur. I’m here to be your team.

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    Healthy, Fit YOU!

    ★ Are you taking care of you?

    ★ Do you have enough energy?

    ★ Tired of being tired?

    ★ Need help with fitness and health?

    ★ Want a quick, easy solution?

    ★ Need a fitness plan?

    ★ Not sure what to eat?

    To have a fit business, you need to be fit. Let’s make a plan.

    I’m Ready!

How Do Customers See Your Business?

Let’s work together to identify any issues BEFORE your customers or clients do. We will collaborate and refine the experience that your customer have when interacting with your business online. I’ll use my critical eye business owners need to catch any issues before your customers do. From customer service in store fronts to websites, printed materials and more, let me be your critical eye. Once I identify any issues, I will help to craft the solution.

Let's Create a Solution

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When writing this blog, my goal is to help you succeed without being overwhelmed. My focus is teaching you basics of social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter), customer service, productivity and business, with to-the-point videos and tutorials. You already have enough on your plate without hours of content to manage. You have a business to grow and run. Enough of the content overload. Time to learn some basics, apply what you learn, and get back to running your business.

If you are new to my site, please take a look at some of my recents posts and let me know what you think.

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