Who is Your Ideal Client?

Who is Your Ideal Client?

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What? You can’t find new clients? I bet I can help. There are some basics you need to understand first. Let’s start with a story about knowing your ideal client.

I have a 16 year old daughter. If I send her an email, it would sit in her inbox for eternity. She doesn’t do email. Neither do her friends. What if my ideal client was a teen girl? I can further define, saying my ideal client is;

  • in high school
  • has many friends
  • spends hours on her iPhone
  • has 100’s of selfies on her phone
  • loves fashion and makeup
  • is active and only wears LuluLemon
  • plays multiple sports
  • knows the words to all songs on her playlist
  • is focused on succeeding in school
  • she gives 100% with everything she does
  • has many online only friends

Who Are You Marketing To?

Let’s say my company sells a monthly subscription that includes all things fashion and fitness, geared towards teens. Each month, subscribers receive a workout outfit and a sample of makeup and hair products. If I wanted to reach these teens, would I try and build my email list and send them lots of emails? NO! I’d find them where they naturally spend time. I would figure out what social apps are hot at the moment and spend my time there trying to connect with my ideal client in their usual, comfortable spots.

My daughter recently told me a story about one of her friends asking another friend about Facebook. One said to the other, “I think I’m doing this wrong. You need to teach me Facebook.” For me, that is where most of my friends and peers “hang out’ on social media. It was funny to hear her say that Facebook is basically “foreign” to them. They don’t understand it. They don’t spend time there. They are not interested. They just don’t get it.

But, they are interested in other social networks. I would likely find them on Snapchat and Instagram.


Ideal Client Tweet | Sonja Pound | Gramercy Social


Yes, they both sell coffee and food. But there is a HUGE difference in the way they market and in the customers they attract. For the usual customer at Dunkin’ Donuts, if they can go there and buy a medium coffee for $2.09, why would they go to Starbucks and pay $3.95? As you know, Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts each have very loyal followers.

How Do You Connect?

Back to the teen girl. How do I find her? How do I market to her? I definitely would not email her if I expected any response. So, how would I reach that target market? Simple. You need to know your ideal client avatar. Let’s do an exercise to figure it out.

According to Laura Kinoshita (published on Hubspot), “A customer avatar is a fictional character that represents your ideal prospect. When complete, it will help you understand the motivating beliefs, fears and secret desires that influence your customer’s buying decisions. Your customer avatar will help you fine tune your marketing efforts and help you understand why some products sell better than others.”

Knowing your ideal customer is key to understanding your business and your potential clients. Start by printing this workbook (sign up required) and then let’s work together to fill it out.

An Ideal Client Avatar is a way to get into the mind of your ideal client. I want you to think about who your ideal client is. Think about her life. Figure out as many details as you can. You can’t market to everyone. You can’t please everyone. An ICA is a way to narrow your focus and figure out how to market to the people that you can help the most. If you didn’t already print the worksheet, do it now.

Here’s a excerpt from my workbook:

Ideal Client Question | Sonja Pound | Gramercy Social

Do you know someone that could use help defining their ideal client? Share it to your social accounts so they can easily find it. And, don’t forget to comment below and let me know what you learned by completing the Ideal Client Avatar Workbook.

Download it here.

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Are They Telling You the Truth?

Are They Telling You the Truth?


Are your trusted advisors telling you the truth? When you ask for someone’s opinion about your business, do they say things like,

  • It’s great.
  • I love it.
  • Perfect.
  • Sounds good to me.
  • It looks amazing.

But, do you know deep down that it’s not “perfect” and things just aren’t working? I received an email a while back from a client that was frustrated with her business. She said,

I hate getting feedback from most people because they always say, yes, it’s nice! That’s great! Wonderful!… BUT, I know it’s not… and it’s not working.

How Do I Look?

It’s a bit like when you ask your husband, “how do I look in this dress?” If it’s not your best look and he’s honest with you, you’ll likely be mad. On the other hand, if he says something like, “you look fine” and you later catch yourself in a mirror and KNOW you don’t look fine, you’ll be mad at him for not being honest. I know better than to ask those types of questions and instead opt to trust myself and my own opinions. But what do you do when you have a business and NEED another’s opinion and constructive feedback?

That brings me to the point of this post. Who do you trust to give honest feedback? It’s a tough position to put family and friends in. They want to support you. They want to maintain a healthy relationship with you. So, they are likely not going to tell you the honest truth. Simply put, they don’t want to hurt your feelings. It’s also possible that they just don’t have the background or understanding of what you do to provide constructive criticism. So what do you do? Who do you turn to when you have no team?

That’s Where I Come In

I collaborate with business owners that have no team, or just want an outsider’s honest feedback. Rather that get frustrated with your family and friends, leave them out of your business and seek outside help.

Sonja Pound | Gramercy Social | Truth

Connect with me here if you need honest feedback on your business. I will look at your website, social media sites, landing pages and more to see how you can improve to reach your ideal client. It can be something as simple as your site isn’t mobile responsive, your graphics are not professional or your message is unclear. Time to stop wasting your efforts on things that are not working.

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plan | Sonja Pound | Gramercy Social
Together, let’s figure out what’s not working and make it right.

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Let’s focus on what you need and how I can help. Whether it’s Facebook management, a review of your website, testing of a new product, critique of packaging and shipping, undercover customer visits or anything in between – let me know. My goal is to give you more time to focus on your business and clients, while I handle the rest.

3 Ways to Build Customer Relationships

3 Ways to Build Customer Relationships

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What if your customers disappeared tomorrow?

Would you wish that you had nurtured those relationships instead of taking them for granted? If you’re like most of us, you didn’t open your business and have hundreds of customers knocking down your doors. You worked hard for your first customer and likely continue to work hard for each and every new customer. Building a lasting relationship with your customers is much like working out. While it would be great if we could go the the gym once and be fit for life, sadly that is not the reality. If we want to be in great shape, we need to work at it everyday. You need to lift weights, take a spin class or two and make healthy choices in the kitchen. The same goes for building customer relationships. You might be the most energetic, magnetic, memorable person on the planet, but you still need to establish, build and nurture those relationships. It’s time to do some heavy lifting and marathon training where your customers are concerned. Here are three ways to build a relationship with your customers.

#1: Thank Them

I am big on the value of a thank you card. As a business owner, it doesn’t matter if a person is a one-time or a long-term client. Sending a thank you and letting each customer know they are appreciated might turn them into long-term clients. And they will be more likely to recommend your business to family and friends if they have had a positive experience. A thank you is like icing on a cupcake. You would likely have enjoyed the cupcake all by itself, but with the icing it’s that much sweeter. Just this week I received a hand-written note from a person I have only met once. We are connected via a private Facebook group. A note from her was completely unexpected and greatly appreciated. Receiving this note furthers our relationship and makes me feel more connected. People like to feel appreciated. It doesn’t take much effort, but can have measurable, lasting results.

#2: Express Genuine Appreciation

Do you ever receive mailers offering “new customers” a special price or savings? When I receive those, I wonder why new customers are more important than loyal, existing customers. Do you know what it costs to acquire a new customer? If you’ve ever looked into it, you’ll know that is a lot cheaper and easier to keep existing customers. According to an article on Entrepreneur.com, written by Lon Safko,

One miscalculation that many business owners make involves the ease with which they will attract customers. This is called field of dreams marketing. Small-business owners are generally experts in some other areas and somehow they believe that if the core message of their marketing is, “Hey! We are selling XYZ, and we’re now open!” people will start pouring through the door.

When I was researching data for this post, I found many articles all with widely varying statistics about how much it costs to acquire a new customer versus keeping an existing customer. Some sources say it costs 4 – 10 times to acquire a new customer as it does to retain current customers. Other sources say it’s as high as 30 times more! If that doesn’t make you appreciate your current customers, I don’t know what will. They are valuable – make sure they know it!

#3: Connect With Them, As People

This can be as simple as an email. We have all heard the old adage, out of sight out of mind. It’s never a good thing to be “out of mind” of your customers. Do you ever send a message to an existing customer just to say hello? I’m sure you send your usual funnel of emails and offers to purchase your latest products or services. But, do you ever really just send them an email that is completely for them? It could be a free download, a webinar series or other piece of information that would benefit your customers, without benefit to you.

For those of you that work from home, this next one can be tough, but trust me – it’s essential. Networking. Yes, I said it. You need to get out and network. While I’d hope your customers would be happy to receive your emails, I bet they would still prefer to see you in person. Have you ever been friends with someone on social media and then you get the chance to meet in real life? I have and it was amazing, on many levels. Here are a few stories.

Thank You | Gramercy Social | Sonja Pound

In 2013, I decided to attend a Mari Smith event. I had been following and learning from her for years. The event she was promoting was for an intimate group of people (I think it was 20) to spend two days with her to learn about Facebook and online marketing. As an add-on, I chose to spend a third day with her and only 5 other people. For years I knew all about the online Mari, but I had never interacted with her face-to-face. She is genuine and caring online, but meeting her in person and spending real time with her allowed me to get to know more about her. It allowed us to connect on a personal level that had nothing to do with Facebook. We found that we had more than just social media in common.

Have you ever heard of Lisa Larter? She is another woman I had the privilege of meeting in person. I noticed her Facebook group one day in my sidebar. I don’t know if it was an ad or if I had friends that were in the group. Something compelled me to click. I joined one of her private Facebook groups and began interacting with her and the group. I learned a lot from her and months later found out that she lives not too far from me. We arranged to meet in person just a few months ago. She was delightful. I really appreciate strong women that tell it like it is. That’s how I describe Lisa.  She is incredibly smart, giving, thoughtful and savvy. Again, meeting her in person, allowed me to see if the online Lisa was at all like the real person. I couldn’t have been happier that they are one in the same. Her personality really comes across on Facebook Live, her posts and in her book. But if you ever have the opportunity to attend one of her events – hurry up and register! If you aren’t already following her, start here.

You can also connect with people you know online that sell products. I connected with Vickie MacFadden who owns PromoRX, a company that sells upscale promotional items. We have only spoken on the phone once, but we refer work to each other, knowing that we both have the same quality standard and work ethic. We continually build our relationship by referrals, emails and providing feedback for each other.

These three women know exactly how to build and nurture relationships. Just this week I received a wonderful, hand-written note from Lisa. Small gestures like that are meaningful and will make your customers see how important they are. I have probably read the note she sent to me, somewhere in the neighborhood of five times. It makes me smile every time. And, a few months ago Vickie sent me a water bottle that her company sells. Each time I use it, I think of her and it makes me smile.

These two meetings with Mari and Lisa would not have happened if I sat home and decided not to network. Nor would they have happened if they didn’t value relationships. Sometimes, you need to get out of your comfort zone and push yourself. I would not have built relationships with these two women from my home office.

Do you have other ideas for building customer relationships? How do you thank your existing customer? Have you received a thank you that reminded you that the business appreciated and valued you?

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Instagram Has a New BFF

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…and you’re going to be so happy they met! Instagram is a great tool. Not only is it fun to see what people choose to share, it’s also a great way to build relationships while marketing your business. But, if you aren’t using certain shortcuts, it can be a HUGE time commitment. Watch this short video or follow the steps below to make posting faster and easier.

Quick How-to Guide

  1. Sign in to your Evernote account on your laptop.
  2. Create a NOTE for hashtags. Here’s what mine looks like; Evernote | Instagram | Sonja Pound | Gramercy Social
  3. Breakdown hashtags you use for certain posts. For instance, I use the same hashtags when I post about design, and a different set of hashtags when I am posting a business tip.
  4. Create another NOTE for all of your blog posts. I create a post for each new blog and keep it in this section so I can easily copy and paste if I want to share it on any social network. It’s also great if you have a potential or existing client that is looking for certain information and you can easily send one of your blog posts to them. Here is what that looks like; Evernote | Instagram | Sonja Pound | Gramercy Social
  5. Ready to post on Instagram? Simply go into Instagram, add your photo, write a caption, choose a filter, add a location and tag people. Then go to your mobile Evernote app and open the note that contains your hashtags. Select and copy the appropriate group of hashtags.
  6. Go back into Instagram and paste those hashtags at the end of your post.
  7. Not sure how to do that? On an iPhone, you can double click on the HOME button and see all of the windows/apps you have open. Scroll using a swiping motion to find Instagram and then click on it. When you are done, if you need to return to Evernote, do the same thing again.

How much time do you spend on Instagram?

If you spend just a short amount of time setting up an Instagram notebook on Evernote, I’m positive it will save you time every time you share a photo on Instagram. Try using Evernote with Instagram and let me know how much time it saves you and if you find any other time-saving ways to use Evernote.

Here’s a bonus tip…

You can use the same steps to save time on Facebook and when sending emails. If there is any content that you routinely share, create a notebook and populate it will any information you might need to share. Are you often sharing affiliate links? Make a note that includes all of your links so you can quickly share.
Leave a comment below with any tips you love when using Instagram or Evernote. After you do that, say hello on Instagram.
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Let’s focus on what you need and how I can help. Whether it’s Facebook management, a review of your website, testing of a new product, critique of packaging and shipping, undercover customer visits or anything in between – let me know. My goal is to give you more time to focus on your business and clients, while I handle the rest.

How to Stop Information Overload

How to Stop Information Overload


Are you overwhelmed with too much information? Not sure who to follow and where to focus your time? For a few years I was on webinar overload. I needed a break, a hiatus, almost an intervention. I just couldn’t stand one more webinar series. I already had many that I hadn’t completed. I was determined to finish all of those before considering signing up for another one. It wasn’t easy. Everyday, I receive offers from very talented people offering to share their knowledge that will certainly help my business. I see them in my inbox, on Facebook and Twitter. But, sometimes you just have to say – Enough is Enough. So I did just that. I already had registered for, and not completed a Facebook Ads webinar series by Andrea Vahl, and had countless replays waiting for me in my inbox from amazing people like, Amy Porterfield, Chalene Johnson and Steve Dotto.

Here was my plan;

  1. Watch and learn from the webinars I had already purchased.
  2. Watch and learn from select free webinars I signed up for.

Here comes the BIG plan that worked. I decided to ONLY learn from two people at a time. Maybe this sounds crazy, especially when we are enticed by so many offers everyday. But, I felt pressure and stress to watch them all. And, guess what? That’s not possible nor will it create miracles in your business or life. It will leave you feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and with a to-do list that is physically impossible.

I decided to follow and learn from Darren Hardy and Lisa Larter. Simple. Two very impactful people that I was sure to learn from and have the time to implement their ideas. That is the point, right? Take what you learn and take action. That just isn’t possible if you are spreading yourself so thin that you have no time to implement.

Years ago, the first webinar I purchased was from Mari Smith. To learn more about her courses, go here. One thing she repeated was to ‘master one social media site and then move on to another one’, if it makes sense for your business. It’s the same idea when learning from people.

Enough Information, Already!

I have been listening, via Audible, to Darren Hardy’s latest, The Compound Effect. It’s a great way to learn in times when you aren’t sitting at a desk. My favorite times to listen to audiobooks is when I am driving and walking my dog. My head tends to be clear and I am not focused on five things at once. In the morning, I start my day with a green juice and a little Lisa Larter. I sit quietly and read or reread parts of her book, Pilot to Profit: Navigating Modern Entrepreneurship to Build Your Business Using Online Marketing, Social Media, Content Marketing and Sales.

You can learn more about Lisa’s book here. http://gramercysocial.com/transform-business-30-minutes/

Pilot to Profit | Sonja Pound | Gramercy Social | Information

When reading an actual book, I like to sit quietly with no distractions. And, I always have a highlighter and a pencil nearby. I make notes in the margins and highlight the most important elements for my business. I take notes on how and when I can implement and of any questions I have. Lisa has a private Facebook group where she hosts a book club. It’s the perfect place to ask questions about her book. She can clarify or offer more details on areas I was unsure of.

I know it sounds too simple. But, allowing yourself to say NO to all that is offered can be a huge relief. I can almost guarantee that you will be more productive and more focused. I strongly believe that you will be able to get more out of the teachings you choose and be able to implement them without the stress of having too much to do.

Sonja Pound | Gramercy Social | Information

Now it’s your turn to stop information overload. How many courses are you signed up for? Do you complete one before you start another one?

Question: Do you think you could commit to learning from only two people? If so, what two people are you going to start with?

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Let’s focus on what you need and how I can help. Whether it’s Facebook management, a review of your website, testing of a new product, critique of packaging and shipping, undercover customer visits or anything in between – let me know. My goal is to give you more time to focus on your business and clients, while I handle the rest.

Transform Your Business in 30 Minutes

Transform Your Business in 30 Minutes

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It’s time to transform your business. I’ve always been an advocate of reading, not just for pleasure, but to learn and experience the world in other ways. When I read business books I look for new ideas, books that are not just retelling and repackaging someone else’s thoughts. If I want to learn about Jim Rohn’s theories, I am going to read Jim Rohn’s books. What I appreciate about the book I am reading now is that the author, Lisa Larter is not repackaging information that we have all seen and heard many times over. She offers insight and guidance from experience. She openly shares her background, including her mistakes. She used that experience to create a guide for your business success. Her book is, Pilot to Profit: Navigating Modern Entrepreneurship to Build Your Business Using Online Marketing, Social Media, Content Marketing and Sales, by Lisa Larter. It’s time to order her book and grab a few highlighters. Get ready to transform your business, chapter by chapter.

Why Read Daily?

Can you really transform your business in 30 minutes? Reading the right books for just 30 minutes per day can have a tremendous, measurable impact on your life. I’m not talking about reading The Hunger Games or the latest romance novel. I’m referring to books that teach, guide, enlighten, enrich and improve your life. Two people I consider my go-to virtual mentors, Darren Hardy and Chalene Johnson, talk about how important daily reading is. It’s a daily ritual that is simple to add into your routine, and will absolutely have an impact. If you aren’t reading daily, start with Pilot to Profit by Lisa Larter. Trust me, you will thank me later.

Transform | Sonja Pound | Gramercy Social

I run a business, like most of you. I work daily to improve what I offer to my clients. In an effort to be able to help my clients in a more strategic way, I am also always learning. As a business owner, you know what it’s like. You should learn about Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. That’s in addition to actually running the business, finding and keeping new clients, managing your website and knowing your numbers. As Lisa says, “you can’t take Facebook likes and comments to the bank and buy a new car or pay your mortgage.” You need to have a plan and an understanding to make sure there is a return on your investment with social media.

Can you really transform your business in 30 minutes? | http://gramercysocial.com/transform-business-30-minutes/ ‎

That’s where Pilot to Profit comes in. Lisa has an uncanny ability to break down information and present it in a manageable way. She is refreshingly honest. She does not promise to increase your revenue three-fold, just by reading her book. She does not suggest that you will become the next Gary Vaynerchuk, just by reading her book. But, what she provides are the tools that you need to work towards increasing your revenue or becoming the next great marketer. It’s up to you, but she provides the guidance and honesty that we all need along the way. You need to do the work.

Why read this book over countless other marketing books? Simple. Lisa. To know her is to instantly connect with her. She has an online community where she is active every day. She doesn’t automate her posts and have someone else respond to comments and questions. She walks the walk. She is actively engaged in marketing and building relationships. That is where most people fail. They don’t focus on building long term relationships. She has that 100% nailed. I had the opportunity to meet her in person this morning. We sat at a local coffee shop and talked for nearly two hours. She was very thoughtful, engaging and genuinely listening to what I was saying. It wasn’t a coaching session or a pitch for her to gain a client. It was just two women business owners connecting and sharing experiences.

Grab Your Highlighter

There are so many highlighted areas and notes in the margins of my book, it’s tough to pinpoint the top three takeaways. But, I’m going to try.

  1. SWIIFT. Likely the most important take-away is called SWIIFT. This is one of Lisa’s ways of explaining how to create real value for your community. It stands for See What’s In It For Them. It’s about a mindset. It’s not about proving to people that you know a lot. It’s not about self promotion. It’s about providing value in a way that makes your clients and potential clients see you as an expert and a valuable resource. It’s about building a relationship based on value and trust.
  2. Rocks, Pebbles and Sand. “Focus on the big rocks first. This is how you create leverage and grow your business the fastest.” What does this mean? Simple. In your business, you should focus on the area that will produce the greatest return on your investment – first. Here’s an example. You are a graphic designer and offer many services, from website design to social media images. When you create a website for someone, you also package it with other branded materials like a new logo, business cards, social media headers, posts and profiles. Let’s say a client pays you $5,000 for that package. Another service you offer is the creation of custom branded social media images. That package sells for $150 to $1,250 depending on number of images. Focusing on the big rocks first means that you would put more effort and focus on selling the website package versus the graphic design package for social media. That is where your greatest return comes from, and is the foundation of your business. As Lisa explains, you should have multiple revenue streams for your business, but you need to know where your priorities are and your greatest ROI.
  3. Don’t Overcompensate. Do you charge what you are worth? Are you uncomfortable billing a client so you give more to overcompensate for what you charge? This is a trap many business owners fall into. We all want our clients to be happy and to rave about our services. In an effort to do that, it’s easy to feel that we have to overproduce and do more than was agreed upon. Do you commonly contract with a client and throw in extras? If so, you are likely making decisions around your desire to please people, not decisions that are aligned with your business model. An example Lisa gives is, “If you walked into a store and bought a $100 pair of shoes, you would expect to pay for the matching handbag wouldn’t you? Your customers expect to pay for extras, too.”

Remember when you were in college and would spend countless hours in the library reading, absorbing and taking notes? This is a book that will make you long for a quiet place where you can read and learn. It’s also the type of book that will motivate you to make a plan and create action steps to improve your business. Do yourself a favor and have a hard copy that you can write all over. I’m a note taker and list maker. I have more information highlighted and notes in the margins that any other book I have recently read. It’s a true learning experience and a way to create an action plan. Based on each chapter, you will be able to make a list of what you need to do in order to help build your business. One of my favorite quotes is, “there’s a difference between letting life happen to you and creating a life you desire.”

Have you read Pilot to Profit? What was the biggest eye-opener for you? What did you learn that will truly transform your business? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Pilot to Profit | Sonja Pound | Gramercy Social

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Let’s focus on what you need and how I can help. Whether it’s Facebook management, a review of your website, testing of a new product, critique of packaging and shipping, undercover customer visits or anything in between – let me know. My goal is to give you more time to focus on your business and clients, while I handle the rest.