Three Ways to Thank Your Clients

Three Ways to Thank Your Clients

I am big on the value of a thank you card. As a business owner, it doesn’t matter if a person is a one-time or a long-term client. Nor does it matter if they spend a few hundred dollars or a concierge package for thousands. I think each client deserves a thank you. Clients are not dollar signs. They are people that like to be appreciated. They are people that like to recommend what they love to their family and friends. They are people that will talk if they are not happy with your service. They are people that will be loyal, if you build and nurture the relationship. One of my favorite quotes is:

As a consumer, I really appreciate it when someone takes time from their busy day to thank me. This post was prompted by a card I received today. Months ago, I sent a thank you card and restaurant gift card to an optician that my family and I have appreciated for years. I was so surprised today to receive a hand-written note from her. She went to the restaurant and was writing to thank me again and to tell me about her night out. It MADE my day.

On the flip side, recently I have spent a considerable amount of money at a few local stores, including a family-owned furniture store, a local appliance dealer and an outdoor furniture store. As I said earlier, it’s not about how much money is spent. But, if I owned a business and had a customer that I wanted to keep, I would hope for a few things;

  • That they were happy with their purchase and think positively of their experience.
  • That they will recommend me to their family and friends.
  • They will return if I can help them in the future.

I think businesses often react in a time of crisis, rather than plan for any bumps in the road. What if your business suddenly starts losing money? Wouldn’t you wish that you had taken the time to build relationships with your customers? Do it now, before you are scrambling and wondering where all of your customers went. Here are three simple ways to thank your clients and build a relationship with them.

Send a Personal Note

How often have you received a thank you note? Not an email, but an actual note in the mail. Doesn’t it make you smile? Make your customers smile and send them a simple thank you note.


Bonus Tip: Make the note personal. Use their name, mention something positive about working with them, compliment them and be genuine.


Invite Them to Coffee or Lunch

If you have already established a bit of a relationship with them, ask to take them out for coffee or lunch. This is a great way to continue relationship building. You will have time to learn more about the person and connect on a personal level. It goes without saying, but I’ll mention anyway – your personal safety is foremost.


Send Them a Gift

Do you ever order from One Kings Lane? Almost every time I receive an order, there is a small token gift in the box. Typically it’s a candle with One Kings Lane logo on the cover. It smells great and I appreciate it. If you own a retail store, consider a small token gift that announces a new line you are carrying. It’s a great way to promote new products and to let your customers know they are valued. I know it’s old-fashioned, but if you know they love cookies and you are a great baker, creatively package some cookies and deliver them with a short note.


Bonus Tip: Likely one of the nicest ways you can thank someone is by recommending them. If you are happy with someone’s service or product;

  • Share a review or a post on social media and tag them.
  • Share images of what you purchased on social media and tag them. Did you buy a great dress and went to dinner? Take a photo and use that to let them know how much you love the dress and your experience in their store.
  • If you worked with them, share some images, tag them, and talk about the experience.

One of my favorite posts to share on Facebook and Instagram are ones where I thank people and businesses for their amazing service, products or general experience. Here’s one example:



Have you received a hand-written thank you note from a business? Tell me about it in the comments. If you own a business, how do you thank your customers?

If you need ideas about how to show appreciation for your clients, post below. I’d love to help.

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  1. I love that idea of saying thank you to my customers with a card. I am going to make a note to do that! There is a company that serves as my web platform and I appreciate that they keep making improvements. They just sent an email out today and mentioned that their 2-year birthday is in September. I’ve been with them just about from the beginning and have seen how they have served their customers over these past two years with improvements. Thinking about sending cupcakes.

  2. Laura Tucker says:

    This is a great reminder of something I’ve been meaning to do for a while – keep a list of my coaching clients’ birthdays and send a little card. I used to send out hand made Christmas cards with my photography on them and everyone loved them and commented on them for years. Maybe it’s time to start it up again!

    • Sonja Pound says:

      That sounds great! I love getting actual handwritten cards – it’s so easy to send a text or email, but I love the extra time taken to send a personal note. I’m sure your clients will LOVE it!

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