How to Use Evernote When Building Your Team

How to Use Evernote When Building Your Team

You likely have an emergency list of people to call if anything goes wrong with your house or apartment. You know a plumber, an electrician and a handyman. But, what about your business? Who are you going to call in an emergency? It’s time to build your team. I use Evernote to keep track of people I consider part of my team. What does that mean? Simple. It’s a list of people that I turn to when I need help with any parts of my business. They are trusted partners that I know I can rely on when I need them. They are all over the world, but are connected with my via email, Skype, social media and texting. I can 100% rely on them in an emergency, when I need a break or anything in-between.

What if you woke up tomorrow and had a launch planned for your amazing new webinar, and your website was down? Initially, I’m betting there would be a fair amount of *&%#,  followed by sheer panic. When you have a team in place that you completely trust, you know exactly who to call when there’s a small hiccup or an all-out emergency.

Brick & Mortar?

The same goes for your business in you run a brick and mortar location. You wake up and have the flu. You can’t possibly get out of bed let alone get dressed and make it to work. You have meetings, projects to finish and leads to follow. Who do you call? Does your business just close up until you are fever-free? Of course not. You call some of your trusted team members that always cover for you in a pinch. If it’s done with enough preparation, your “team” will run the business just as you would. Your customers will barely notice. Your replacement will know how to open your business, process transactions, find customer orders, receive deliveries and more. Why? Because you will have trained them BEFORE you are in a pinch and need their help.

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Now It’s Your Turn

Who is on your team? Who do you need to add to your team? It really doesn’t take that long, but will save you a huge amount of stress when and if you are needing a support team. Trying to deal with an emergency in the heat of the moment is not ideal. Take the time to sit down and write your plan – or better yet, add it to Evernote. Each business is different, but for me those team members include;

  • WordPress expert
  • Graphic designer
  • Video production
  • Youtube expert
  • Photographer
  • Brand Strategist
  • Business Coach
  • Logo designer
  • Social media support
  • Virtual assistant
  • Mailchimp certified trainer
Once you complete your list, clip it and save in Evernote for easy access on all devices.
Do you know who would and should be on your list? If not, it’s time to start planning rather than reacting when the need arises. Start with my free guide (get it here), and then if you need some help, let me know.

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Let’s focus on what you need and how I can help. Whether it’s Facebook management, a review of your website, testing of a new product, critique of packaging and shipping, undercover customer visits or anything in between – let me know. My goal is to give you more time to focus on your business and clients, while I handle the rest.



  1. Karen says:

    Wow, never thought of creating an “emergency contact list” for my business needs or even going into that level of detail as to who should be on that list. Although I have my current go to folks in a resource file, they’re not gathered together in one cheat sheet and there may be gaps I didn’t think about. So thanks for the tip. BTW, I’m not familiar with Evernote. Is this in the Mac world? I’m PC based.

    • Sonja Pound says:

      Hi Karen! Evernote is a website and app that anyone can use. I love it because when I add something to Evernote on my computer it syncs with iPad and phone. I use it for so many things. It’s great to keep organized. Let me know if you try it. 😀

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